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Screen Repair Pricing is as follows, but is subject to change at anytime:

Re-Screening (Replace the fabric mesh due to tear, holes etc)

  • Screens less than 24" width / height are $25.
  • Screens where either the width / height are between 25-36" are $35.
  • Screens where either the width / height are greater than 37" are $45.
  • $10 charge to remove / re-install a screen from a window per screen. (No charge if you remove / re-install)
  • $20 charge to remove / reinstall a sliding door screen. (No charge if you remove / re-install)
  • All of the above pricing is using standard charcoal colored fiberglass mesh screening. Pricing will change for other types of screening (Pet screening, invisi-screening, tough screening etc)

Replacing the frames and / or corners and / or pins of a screen:

  • To replace a bent frame costs $20 per frame replaced if there are no pins OR $30 if there is one pin to replace.
  • To replace a broken screen corner is $5 per corner needing to be replaced. Generally, if you replace one or two, we would recommend replacing all four while we have it apart!
  • To replace a broken / missing pin is $5 per pin.

Replacing screening on a Screened In Porch has separate pricing. We can also build brand new screens from scratch with many different color / screening options available. Please contact us for more details!

Almost all types and brands of screen are repairable!  Please email pictures and/or questions of your specific screen repair needs to

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