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Screen Repair Pricing is as follows, but is subject to change at anytime:

On-Site service is $25 and there is no minimum charge for an on-site visit. Drop offs are always free.

Re-Screening (Replace the fabric mesh due to tear, holes etc):

  • Regular window screens are $35.
  • Door sized screens / large double-hung / large left to right screens are $45.
  • All of the above pricing is using standard charcoal colored fiberglass mesh screening. 
  • There is an extra $20 charge if your screen framing is made of wood and there may be some minor damage to the wood / paint (pending condition of the wood and the paint).

Screening options:

  • Regular Fiberglass - This is what nearly every manufacturer will use by default. It is cost effective and works well.
  • Aluminum - This is a strong and durable type of screening, however it is known to dent semi-easily.
  • BetterVue - This screening is nearly transparent so you can enjoy your view more, it also provides improved insect protection over a standard fiberglass.
  • Pet Screening - 7X stronger than regular fiberglass so it will stand up to your pets (and young kids too)! It provides decent visibility but it is reduced compared to standard fiberglass. Additionally, it does have a darker look, so if there are other screens next to it there will be a noticeable difference.
  • Tuff Screening - 3X stronger than regular fiberglass. Visibility is slightly reduced compared to fiberglass but it is improved over pet screening. It will blend better than regular pet screening if there are other screens close by.
  • SunScreen - This screening will act comparably to a window tint (and it doesn't void your window warranty as window tint normally does) as it blocks out up to 70% of suns heat and glare. However, overall visibility is reduced compared to standard fiberglass.
  • Solar Insect Screening - This screening also acts comparably to window tint (and also doesn't void your window warranty) as it blocks up to 65% of the suns heat and glare. It also offers superior insect protection and improved day-time privacy, but it does reduce visibility when compared to fiberglass.
  • Please call us for pricing for all of the above upgraded screening options!  We do have a screen sample board so you can look and feel a screening before making your choice! 

Replacing the frames and / or corners and / or pins of a screen:

  • To replace a bent frame costs $30 for the first frame replaced and then $15 for any more on the same screen.
  • To replace broken screen corners is $30 per screen.  This includes replacing all four corners.
  • To replace a broken / missing pin is $10 per screen and includes up to two pins.

Complete Screen Rebuilds:

Almost any screen can be re-built from scratch! Only limitations are color and type of hand pulls, pins etc. Some screen companies have proprietary screen colors and accessories. We can rebuild just about any screen to function but some types of screens can be nearly impossible to re-build to an exact match factoring in color and accessories! Please call or email with additional questions!  

Replacing screening on a Screened In Porch has separate pricing.  Please contact us for more details!

Almost all types and brands of screen are repairable!  Please email pictures and/or questions of your specific screen repair needs to

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