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• Window Cleaning - Our four step process removes all debris from your windows. Whether you have sticker residue, bug debris or even spray paint! (May be an extra charge for removal of construction debris)  We include the cleaning of many items beyond just the glass STANDARD in our pricing structure.

• Gutter Cleaning – Avoid climbing your roof and avoid damaging or destroying your gutters by having them professionally cleaned. We clean them by hand to ensure removing everything and then we put the entire mess into a bag that we take with us!

*This service needs a temperature above freezing for enough time to make sure the gutters are not frozen.

• Chandelier/Light Fixture Cleaning - We take apart the fixture when necessary. Then we use our cleaning solution to scrub off all of the dust, dirt, finger prints and whatever else has accumulated over time. Then we put the item back together and your light fixtures sparkle as if they were brand new!

• Pressure/Power Washing – We connect our 3000 psi pressure washer to an outdoor water connection and pressure wash the dirt, debris and other substances that make your homes exterior look less than shiny clean.

*This service needs an outside temperature above 60 degrees for employee safety.

• Ice Dam Prevention - The best way to prevent an ice dam is to get the snow off your roof before an ice dam has a chance to build! We have the equipment and expertise to do this much more affordably than the others! Most others charge $250-350/hour and we charge less than half as much!

• Ice Dam Removal - If you see icicles then you likely have an ice dam and the real question becomes how big is it? They may be pretty to look at but they can cause major damage! 

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* Our employees are always background checked, trustworthy and reliable.